Miami Google Maps Marketing

As a Miami small business owner you are in an extremely competitive business.

How would you like to have motivated sellers and buyers calling you all the time?

Do you want your phone ringing off the hook?

Do you want enough business that you can cherry pick who to deal with? Local internet marketing “with a twist” is easily your best solution.

Our method is 100 times more effective than the yellow pages, billboards or TV at a small fraction of the cost.

Why You Need Google Maps Marketing for Your Business

You need to be on the top of Google. The top of Google = Google Maps/Local Search

  • 87% of all consumers ONLY use Google to find Local Businesses to buy products or services
  • 93% of all consumers find what they are looking for on the first page of the search engine
  • 80% of all consumers do not scroll down the first page
  • 80% of the first page (“above the fold”) is dominated by Google Maps/Google Places/Local Search

Google lists a huge amount of results with a maps section for search terms like:

Miami real estate sales, Miami chiropractor, Miami immigration lawyer, Miami real estate agent, Miami marketing firm, Miami advertising firm, Miami dui lawyer, Miami real estate purchases, Miami real estate investors, Miami real estate buyers, Miami real estate cash, Miami real estate foreclosures, Miami lease purchase, Miami owner finance, Miami owner financing

But only 7 businesses are shown on the top of the front page/maps section… and you’re not there!

Try it for yourself. Open Google, type in your city and any of the search terms above. It also works just for the keywords without the city since Google recognizes where you search from.

If you are not on the map, how will they find you?

Google Maps is the new Yellow Pages!

Our service is very affordable per month with a small set-up free. Our 100% Money Back Guarantee makes this risk free. No long term contract, no hidden charges.

Please indicate your interest in our services as soon as possible because we will only work with a limited number of clients in the same business type per city. This policy assures high-quality work and helps to guard against conflict of interest.

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