Facebook Ads Targeting Blueprint

You no longer have an excuse to NOT advertise on Facebook.

Facebook’s advertising targeting options have become so incredibly robust in the past few months.

Unless you’re attempting to target the astronauts on the International Space Station, Facebook’s got you covered.

Are you a travel agent? Insurance broker? Retail shop owner? Chiropractor? Hiring agency? Tour company? Nail salon owner? Fitness expert? Distillery planning consultant?

Yes. You’re covered.

Don’t believe Facebook has a targeting option that fits your needs? Maybe this will convince you…

You can target people who eat granola bars:


…Or people that own a Lexus automobile:


…Or people that live in a specific zip code:


…Or people that have liked the Whole Foods Market Facebook Page:


Or a huge range of other demographics I can target for your business (and yes, there are many more options than these):


The issue is that you (and most people) may not know the possibilities that lie under the “Audience” section of your ads manager.

What looks like eight form fields (the ones with arrows)…

is actually a gold mine of hundreds of thousands of different targeting options. You just have to look.

This article’s purpose is to inform you of the vast targeting options available on Facebook that you didn’t even know were there.

Before we discover the targeting options, it’s important for you first to establish your customer avatar.

Who is the person you’re targeting? What do they read? Where do they hang out? What age are they? Gender? Where do they live? What sites do they search online? Do they have children? (I could go on and on… you get the point)

I always do personalized research about my client’s audience before starting an advertising campaign.

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